Monday, January 30, 2017

Lunar New Year 2017 in Sydney

Sydney City Council enthusiastically celebrated the Year of the Rooster with banners, displays and even dumpling eating competition.

Lion dance outside city Catholic Church greeted churchgoers.

National dumpling eating competition good for the spirit but may not be so good for the heart.

Array of lanterns at Martin Place

Two roosters at the Opera House

Kay was determined to test the strength of the fabric on the roosters.

Tourists from large passenger ship (300 metres long) surely added to the crowd.

LGBTIQ joining in the spirit of the Lunar New Year (??)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

After a drizzle

The cool change finally came after a long period of very hot and humid weather and along with it came a very light drizzle, which was a relief for everyone. And it must have been for the spiders in the garden too, but where are they?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Long awaited closure

The Lin family murder trials have stretched out over a long period with retrials from fresh evidence, a hung jury and a judge retiring following illness. We have been following them because we knew one of the victims Min Lin through his newsagency. We were deeply shocked by the brutality of the mass murder of 5 members of his family.

We had attended many court sessions and when the jury of the latest trial retired after Christmas, we were keen to know the verdict. Kay called in at the Kings Street Court a few times hoping to be fortuitously present when a verdict was reached; we feared there would yet be another hung jury when the deliberations dragged on for more than a week.

After lunch with the Cheshers at a city restaurant today, we decided to call in at the Courts again out of curiosity and were surprised that the court room was open and the judge was addressing the jury. We eventually figured out that the jury had told the judge that no unanimous decision could be reached, and the judge in turn advised the jury that they could try to reach a majority decision of 11-1. We waited in the court with the rest of the entourage of lawyers, reporters, family members and general public, and were surprised when the jury returned within minutes to announce a guilty verdict on all counts.

The emotions in the court spilled over; Mr Lin's parents and his surviving daughter were in tears, and so were the accused's wife who despite being a sister of Min Lin, had supported her husband all along.

We felt the emotions too; the relief of the closure of such a shocking event almost brought us to tears as well.

Outside, we watched the media scrum as they jostled for camera angles when Mr and Mrs Lin senior left, holding photos of the victims and loudly and tearfully claiming that justice had finally been done.  There were no real winners in this tragedy, except justice, perhaps.

Media scrum were not interested in us.

Senior Lins addressing the media.

Photo from "The Guardian" (Find Kay in the background).

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A pair of winged visitors

We had a sudden downpour a few days ago and soon after a pair of birds of a kind we don't often see flew into our yard.  Were they kookaburras, we wondered, but we dismissed that after a closer look at the photos taken through a telephoto lens. Our friend Patricia, more knowledgeable with the winged friends was quite sure they were butcherbirds.